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Espresso Blend, our signature blend that is capturing the imagination of coffee drinkers everywhere. The successful integration of premium South American Arabica beans results in a coffee that produces a spectacular crema, has an earthy caramel finish and no bitter aftertaste. Medium to high acidity allows this coffee to cut through milk to produce a rich coffee with a full mouthfeel. 

It will have you craving for more..........

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Jo 14th May 2022

Espresso Blend

The simple fact that I have purchased this blend for over twenty years speaks for itself! I was the first wholesale customer for Crave Coffee and continue to be a loyal customer. I love Espresso Blend's consistency, reliability and the rave reviews from everyone who drinks it. Bravo Crave!

Robyn Woods 11th Jan 2022

Great coffee

Great coffee and a great company to deal with. Always prompt Thank you.

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