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Colombia - Huila Supremo 1kg

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Raspberry like, honey, brown sugar, lemon/lime, bright acidity, sweet.

  • Origin: COLOMBIA
  • Region: Huila Valley
  • Produce: Selected Huila producers
  • Packing: 70kg
  • HarvestOctober - January; fly crop - April - July

Our Huila Supremo is sourced from smallholder producers with an average farm size of 1.5 hectares.

Around 301,000 people in Huila alone depend on coffee activities and coffee represents about 7.3% of the region´s GDP.

The department of Huila is responsible for over 16% of Colombia´s coffee production. 

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1 Review

Richard Joseph Tregeagle 2nd Apr 2024

Colombia - Huila Supremo

Excellent coffee. Very good flavour and aftertaste. Another favourite :-)

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