Why Is My Cafe’s Coffee Machine Producing Bitter Coffee?

  1. Over brewing your coffee
  2. Coffee gets its flavour from percolating in hot water and if this process is done for too long then this is usually the main cause of bitterness in your Café’s coffee. Ensuring your Baristas are trained in the perfect timing will mean a better quality cup of coffee for your customers that will get them returning as regular customers.
  3. The water’s too hot
  4. Having your water too hot when you’re baristas are brewing the coffee will inevitably over cook the coffee beans and this will also result in a bitter end taste for your coffee. Allow it to cool to avoid this happening.

  5. Low quality coffee beans
  6. If the original coffee green bean was of poor quality then the roasters will often over roast the beans in an attempt to cover this up. If you’re using these beans in your café, you’re likely to end a poor end result that will steer away potential customers. Buy quality beans, such as Crave Coffee, to avoid this happening at your Cafe.

  7. Keep equipment clean
  8. Make sure to keep all the equipment you use clean. This means all aspects of the machine and all other equipment you used in the process. Old coffee residue can linger and change the taste of the coffee which is undesirable. Keep it clean and fresh for your customers.

  9. How many shots you’re using
  10. These days, especially with the Australian coffee culture, customers are requesting stronger and stronger coffees to keep them functioning through the day. It can be tempting to go overboard with this and end up with a bitter end resulting cup of coffee. There still needs to be a good water/coffee ratio in order to create the perfect cup.

    Crave Coffee offers quality Barista training as well as high quality roasted Crave Coffee beans that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Contact us to discuss a coffee partnership for your Cafe.