Which Australian City has the Biggest Coffee Culture?

Australia is fast becoming a coffee loving, caffeine dependent nation with coffee culture alive and well, particularly in the bustling cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

If you ask a Melburnian, they will tell you with much enthusiasm that Melbourne is the home of coffee in Australia but, ask a Sydneysider the same thing and they will argue the point just as strongly. Melbourne is a little more laid back, known for its ‘latte drinking hipsters’ and funky, modern cafes while Sydney is known for its more ‘up market’ boutique cafes, with business men and women in a hurry to get their caffeine hit and get straight back to work.

In Melbourne, drinking coffee isn’t just consuming a beverage, it’s about the experienceas a whole. They tend to take their time with their coffee, enjoying every sip and are more likely to sit down to drink their coffee in the café rather than order a takeaway. Melburnians also enjoy the social aspect of it; asking a friend if they ‘want to grab a coffee’ really means asking if they want to sit down and have deep conversations over a latte.

Sydney is a much more business orientated city, moving at a faster pace than Melbourne and coffee is just one way Sydneysiders get through their busy days. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it may very well be because of this reason that coffee is around 9% cheaper in Sydney.

Even so, there are many wonderful coffee shops dotted around Sydney and in the suburbs where coffee drinkers will stop and take the time to appreciate the experience, more so than in the CBD where it’s a ‘get in and get out’ kind of deal.

There is no clear winner here, both Melbourne and Sydney are rich in coffee culture.