What Happens When Coffee Beans Are Roasted?

At Crave Coffee, our green coffee beans our carefully roasted by us here in Sydney and then distributed to our Café bar as well as many cafes and restaurants around Australia. So, what is the process of roasting the green bean to create the delicious brown bean that eventually is ground and makes your amazing coffee?

Factors to take into account

When we are roasting our coffee beans, there’s a lot of aspects that we need to take into account. Much of the process depends on where the green beans have been sourced from in terms of the altitude at which they’re grown though to the climate where they’re being roasted. Our Sydney roasting warehouse is monitored to keep conditions ideal for roasting.

Quality of the green bean

Although the roasting technique will determine a great deal of the quality end product, it’s still largely dependent on the quality of the original green bean that will determine the outcome of the brown bean. There are things to do to control the bitterness and sweetness, however, that original green bean will always be a factor that can override the end result. This is why we source high quality green coffee beans at Crave Coffee.

The roasting process

Throughout the roasting period, we keep the green beans moving at all times so as to avoid them becoming burnt. There is also a chemical and physical change that occurs to the green beans during roasting that transforms them into the brown beans that end up in your coffee. This can be a light, medium, medium-dark, or dark blend.

The end result

During this process of change, the heat that builds up is what changes the original colour of the green bean to the beautifully roasted brown beans at the end. The result of this is the delicious Crave Coffee beans that we then distribute to cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy.

If you’re interested in purchasing Crave Coffee or looking to start up a coffee bean partnership with a quality Australian coffee roaster, then contact Crave Coffee today to see how we can bring our delightful blend to your business.