Unique Must-Try Ways of Brewing Coffee from Around the World

For coffee lovers around the world, different brews give unique taste experiences that are to be treasured for a long time to come. Such is the appeal of coffee that each culture has its own unique brew that offers different perspectives. For the ultimate coffee enthusiast, here are some coffee brews you should definitely try.

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Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopia is favoured by history as the birthplace of coffee. A goat herder discovered the effect of caffeine after his herd started acting strange, having eaten the beans. In the country, making coffee is a ceremony undertaken by women.

First, while the coffee is being roasted, incense is burned over the fire. The beans are ground using mortar and pestle. Water is added and the beans are boiled in a clay pot. The coffee will then be poured through a filter made of horsehair in a jug before being served. For more flavor, sugar and occasionally butter and salt are added. Three cups of brimming coffee are the norm.

Egg coffee from Scandinavia

Scandinavia has an odd yet well-known coffee brew which is known as the egg coffee. The egg is thought to balance out the acidity of coffee and lessen its bitterness. This is done by first boiling water in a pan, then a mixture of egg and ground coffee is added, stirring well. After simmering for five minutes, the coffee is removed from the heat and a cup of cold water is added before drinking.

Turkish coffee

The Turkish like their coffee thick and strong, and just a little chewy. This is achieved by mixing together sugar and finely ground coffee in a cevze, which is boiled in medium heat. Once boiled the mixture is cooled for half a minute and the process is then repeated. The coffee will have a foam-filled, creamy top and is served in tiny cups.

Indonesian coffee

Coffee which is made the Indonesian way is called kopi tubruk. This type of drink is done by boiling water in a pan, then a tablespoon of fine coffee and sugar are mixed and added in. After boiling, the mixture will be poured into a glass and cooled for five minutes before serving.

Brazilian coffee

Brazil loves a very sweet concoction made of sugar, water and finely ground coffee, which is called cafezinho. All these ingredients are combined and heated together in a pan. First, half a cup each of water and sugar are put in the pan then occasionally stirred until boiled. Then a single tablespoon of grounded coffee is stirred in. Once done, the sweet coffee drink is filtered and served.

Coffee lovers around the world who are looking for a different kind of adventure should definitely try these distinctive brews for an unforgettable mix of culture and taste. Whether you’re looking for something new or are just curious how other parts of the world enjoy their coffee, these interesting mixes will surely make for a good caffeine journey.