The Process From Coffee Bean Tree to Crave Coffee Roasted Beans

Crave Coffee, located in Alexandria, NSW, is an amazing blend of coffee beans that is sourced from Australia, Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea and India. It is then freshly brewed into the coffee beans that grace many cafes across Australia. The question is, how does it get from the coffee tree to your delicious cup of coffee?

Coffee Cherries

Coffee begins its journey as Coffee cherries that are grown on coffee trees across many different countries. Within the coffee cherry there’s a seed and this is what will become the bean. There is a delicate process of picking the coffee cherries from the trees and processing them to create the bean that goes into your coffee.

Processing the Seeds

There are two main ways of processing the seeds in the coffee cherries to further the process of them becoming brown coffee beans. There is a wet method or a dry method that can be used. Once the beans have been processed, they are moved to the next phase which is to dry them out.

Green Coffee

Once the drying process is complete, the beans then go through the hulling process which is where the husk is removed from the dried bean. The beans are then graded and sorted accordingly. At this stage, they are referred to as green coffee beans.

Becoming Crave Coffee Beans

From there, for Crave Coffee beans, they are shipped to Sydney where they their final stage of roasting takes place. It is this process that converts the green beans to their brown coffee bean form and to the delightful Crave Coffee beans that you’ll end up loving in your coffee cup.

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