The Five Essential Accessories for Every Barista

As a barista, a great coffee machine and grinder are of course necessary. As expert roasted coffee suppliers in Australia, we find that there are also five barista accessories that you need to make great coffee quickly, and to help with the clean up afterward.

1.A Metallic Tamper Although you will receive a tamper with your coffee machine, it is a good idea to buy a quality metallic tamper. Ensure that it fits your portafiler basket properly. It needs to have some weight and be comfortable to use for best results. Not using a tamper for your coffee, or tampering incorrectly, will result in an uneven extraction which affects the taste and quality of your coffee. 

2.Thermometer It may not seem like an essential if you have a semiautomatic machine, but a thermometer is crucial to testing milk frothing temperatures. Milk should generally be heated to around 65 degrees Celsius.

3.Cappuccino Stencils Cappuccinos are an amazing drink without art - but to impress your clients, stencils for artwork are recommended. All that you need to do is place one of the stencils on top of the coffee and shake over a little chocolate or cinnamon. These barista accessories are sure to wow your customers.

4.Grounds Cleaning Brush When making coffee at times spilling ground coffee is unavoidable. Cleaning the coffee machine and your surfaces without a brush can really be problematic. A specialised cleaning brush will help you to keep your premises clean. Ask us about the best type of brush for your coffee machine.

5.Timer Your expresso should be brewed in around 25 seconds, no matter what sized serving. A timer is necessary to get the best flavour possible. After 30 seconds the coffee starts to become bitter.

These five tools along with a quality coffee machine and grinder will help every barista to make great coffee, whether you have years of experience or are just starting out. For more information on barista accessories Australia wide  contact us at Crave Coffee. We deal with roasted coffee suppliers Australia wide.