How the Consumption of Coffee Has Evolved in Australia

We Aussies love our coffee! We love it so much that we are willing to pay some of the highest prices for a cup in the world. Drinking coffee in Australia is as much about the overall experience as it is about the drink itself.

So where does our coffee culture come from?

It’s believed to have taken off when thefirst commercial espresso machine was installed in Café Florentino, Bourke Street Melbourne in 1928. Not long after that, commercial coffee machines made their way into Sydney and the coffee movement started to pick up pace.

After World War II, the Australian government lifted controls on the importation of coffee andlaunched a new immigration program which saw Australia accept non-British, European immigrants. This saw an influx of Italians and Greeks and with them came their love, passion and knowledge of coffee.

Why is coffee so good in Australia?

We don’t just love coffee, we love GOOD coffee. Most baristas in Australia have undergone practical barista training where they learn the art of making the perfect brew. There is a specialappreciation for coffee over here which is a much difference experience than what you get places like America where large commercial franchises such Starbucks churn out less than perfect coffee day in and day out. Our cafe owners use quality coffee beans and their coffees are espresso-based, as opposed to default filter coffee bases as you find in many other countries. We grind our beans to order which helps give coffee that full, rich taste.

At Crave Coffee, we use only the highest quality beans sourced from places such as Italy, Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea and India. Drop us a line to order your Crave Coffee Beans today!