How Important is the Quality and Taste of the Coffee Beans to Your Customers?

Everyone knows, there is coffee, and then there is good coffee.

If you are going to serve coffee to customers and you want them tell their friends about you, spread positive word of mouth and come back to your business, the best place to start is with high quality coffee beans.

Real coffee lovers understand there is a broad variety of flavour characteristics in coffee, ranging from earthy tones, to sweet fruit flavours and even floral notes. There are a number of factors that affect the quality and taste of the final product and it all starts with the plant. From the climate, altitude, soil type and plant species, all these things will determine how the coffee looks, smells and most importantly, tastes.

The roast profile of the coffee bean plays an important role in the resulting flavour of the coffee. The roaster will help release the full potential of the beans by crafting a roast profile that works for the particular set of beans being produced. The roaster must fine tune variables like roast time, charge temperature, rate of rise, drum speed, air flow & cooling speed, while also responding to things like temperature, crack timing, and sensory experience.

Blending and brewing are the final stages in the process. A well trained barista understands things like coffee to water ratios, grind size, extraction time and water temperature and will adjust these factors accordingly to get the most from the beans.

Drinking coffee is a multi-sensory experience. It’s as much about the aroma as it is about the flavour and your customers will return to drink your coffee if they have been given a well rounded experience with their beverage of choice.

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