How Does the Australian Coffee Culture Compare Internationally?

If you compare Australia’s coffee culture to that of the largest consumer of coffee in the world, the United States, you really get an idea of how different they are. This is due to a number of factors but the biggest different is the quality. Australia is an espresso based market where as Americans drink more filtered coffee. You are always going to get more richness and depth of flavour from an expertly brewed cup of espresso, made by a trained barista, than a cup of basic filtered coffee.

Our coffee is so good that America has even jumped on board opening an Australian café in New York called Little Collins. It was so successful they’ve now opened 3 more! Starbucks have also gained an appreciation for our coffee by adding a ‘flat white’ to their menu, an Australian invention.

Italy is widely known as the coffee capital of the world. Coffee is deeply rooted in many of their cultures, passions, traditions and their way of life so you would be forgiven for expecting to be blown away by their coffee. While Italy certainly makes some of the best coffee in the world, surprisingly, our coffee really stacks up! In some ways, it’s better.

A large majority of Italians prefer their coffee black. Long black, short black or a simple shot of espresso. This means that in many Italian coffee shops, you don’t have the same options as you do here in Australia. Things like flat whites, mochaccinos, long macchiatos, caramel lattes and the choice of skim milk aren’t really options in Italy.

In short, we get the best of both worlds. High quality coffee with the freedom to customise our cuppas.

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