Five Must-Haves for Any Good Barista

When it comes to great coffee, there are five essentials that every good barista must have.

Purchasing the following must-have items from your coffee suppliers along with some quality barista training will see that you brew quality coffee each and every time.

  • 1.High Quality Equipment

While scrimping on your equipment may save you money for initial outlay, you will pay the price down the track in terms of service, reliability, and coffee taste and quality. Having high quality equipment amounts to greater customer satisfaction — and that means more business for you.

  • 2.Quality Coffee Machine

A good coffee machine is vital when it comes to making fabulous, aromatic coffee. Choose a coffee machine that has a good warranty, is a reputable brand, and that comes from a renowned supplier. Buying a high-quality coffee machine also means that your machine is easier and faster to clean, does not break down, and needs fewer services.

  • 3.Great Roasted Coffee Supplier

You cannot make great coffee without a fantastic product! Always use quality coffee beans from a reliable, professional supplier. At Crave Coffee we are renowned roasted coffee suppliers Australia wide. We have a number of outlets and can organise fast delivery of your products both in Australia and overseas. We guarantee great results and you can quickly order your coffee equipment online or by phone from us.

  • 4.Superior Coffee Grinder
  • Your coffee grinder needs to be easy to use, and low maintenance. Choosing a fine grinder will make for slow extraction, however, a speedy extraction can produce coffee that is bitter. The grinder should allow you to customise your settings. A quality coffee grinder makes all the difference when it comes to coffee quality and aroma.
  • 5.Barista Accessories
  • You will need a variety of barista accessories to make great coffee. These include:
  • A coffee tamper
  • A Cleaner and descaler
  • An espresso machine cleaner
  • Milk jugs in various sizes

When you organise the above products, you have a double shot at enhancing customer satisfaction. Contact us at Crave Coffee for more information on our quality barista accessories, barista training, and coffee equipment online.