Drink Coffee Regularly to Lessen Risk for Liver Cirrhosis

Devoted coffee fanatics have many reasons to celebrate their favourite brew – the taste, the enticing smell, and the health benefits are among the major points. But for the health-conscious, one more motivation to drink coffee regularly is that it reduces your risk for liver cirrhosis.

Study finds coffee drinkers have less risk for liver damage

Liver cirrhosis is a type of damage that hinders the organ’s function because of irreversible scarring. One study in Southampton University found that coffee drinkers who drink an average of two cups each day have a less chance of being affected by the condition by 22 to up to 43 percent. Three- or four-cup drinkers meanwhile, get a 57 to 65 percent less risk.

This health benefit is a result of coffee’s antioxidant properties, which help reduce inflammation and fix damaged cells in the liver. Furthermore, for heavy drinkers, two cups of coffee each day will also help lessen liver damage caused by alcoholism. Granted, this wouldn’t fully discount the damage of excessive drinking or any of its effects.

Cirrhosis is seen as a serious disease that can be potentially fatal to people, which is why such a universally loved beverage as coffee could help stall the condition. The top causes for liver cirrhosis include excess fat in the liver, alcohol abuse and hepatitis. A million people die from it every year, with more than a thousand annually in Australia.

Given the grim statistics of the condition, it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy more of your favourite coffee beverage, as long as taken in moderation of course.

Aside from this brilliant piece of fact, there are also many ways coffee can help you drink your way to a healthier lifestyle. Check out some other health benefits you get with your drink.

Live longer with coffee

Keep a number of health risks away by regularly drinking three to five cups of coffee. By doing this, you will be less likely to contract diabetes, heart complications and Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, coffee can be a useful defense in keeping depression at bay.

Lower your risk for type 2 diabetes with regular coffee intake, as substantiated by a scientific study. This works whether you drink decaffeinated or regular caffeinated coffee. People who say coffee causes irregular heart rates need not worry either, as the drink actually helps in lowering chances for coronary artery disease and has been found as not causing heart palpitations.

Best of all, the number one reason to drink more coffee regularly is to enjoy its aromatic taste and stimulating smell.

However you may like your brew, just keep in mind that the best option is pure coffee that is healthy. Loading your drink with sugars will always work against you, so try to drink coffee on its own. Opt for more natural add-ons if you find yourself craving for something sweeter, such as cinnamon or honey. Stay away from too much whipped cream, harmful sugars, and other artificial extras.