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Espresso Bar - Coffee Shop, Alexandria

cafes in alexandria sydney

Our Espresso Bar is a popular spot for locals and visitors to take time out for a coffee or one of our great baguettes in Alexandria, Sydney. You can also buy coffee beans online delivered acorss Australia to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.We'll leave it to the Sydney Cafe Guide, Foodies Guide to Sydney and Corridor Kitchen to describe us:


Crave cafe in Alexandria, Sydney add a much-needed splash of colour to Alexandria's industrial grey canvas. From the tiny upstairs loft (with Wi-Fi), you can admire the handsome bumble bee yellow roasters belowthat roast the coffee beans. These friendly coffee monsters are responsible for some of the finest coffee in Sydney, roasting (and here's the thing) fresh, local Australian green beans, among others. Espresso comes with a stunning crema and an incredibly well rounded caramel finish and there's a beautiful Punjabi Chai for tea lovers. Food is cleverly sourced from local producers as well: Brasserie Bread from Botany, Patchett's pies from nearby Mascot, BloomspoonFriands from Leichardt. Even the uber-friendly, good looking staff-appear to be sourced locally.


The view from the mezzanine cafe at Crave Coffeein Sydney is a good one for coffee lovers: from here you can see directly into the warehouse below, where the massive roaster does its work. Come on the weekends and as you sip your piccolo latte (a speciality of owner Chris Sharp) and chow down on a locally made Patchetts Pie, you'll have that unmistakeable aroma wafting up towards you. As well as selling to some of Sydney's top cafes, Chris also does a roaring trade in retail and wholesale of coffee beans, nespresso coffee pods, tea and drinking chocolate - all blended onsite. So before you leave, pick up a bag of their chai latte mix or the ever popular kick-arse blend.

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Cafe Guide 2011 


Café Review – Crave Espresso Bar and CoffeeRoaster, Alexandria

By Lau On May 24, 2011  · 3 Comments · In Cafés

‘We need to go out and have coffee,’ Senhor R said sternly one morning. I sighed. ‘Fine!’ I said ‘Let’s go!”. Oh wait, that’s right. I like coffee. But when someone tells me to do something, I straight away want to do the opposite.

Not to mention that these last couple of weekends have been like mini coffee tours as we try to drink and photograph as many coffees as possible, preferably on a Saturday. This is because I started falling behind. I got a bit busy, I got a bit lazy. I got a job. I graduated. It was my birthday. These are all good things, but let’s face it, they don’t leave much time for coffee dates. I really need to get my priorities straight.

When Senhor R and I sit down in a cafe, every single time without fail, they give me his coffee and they give him mine. This happens whether the same person who took our order brings us the coffees or not, whether I order or Senhor R orders or whether we both order. Apparently a piccolo latte is a ladies’ drink, while a macchiato is super-machismo. Ah, well. I don’t mind wearing the metaphorical pants for a while.

Crave espresso is a place I’d been meaning to revisit for a while, and Senhor R kept suggesting it. So naturally, like any good girlfriend, I put it at the bottom of my list. After all, it’s not far from home and we could go there anytime. And I do wear the pants.

The cafe part of Crave espresso is located above their warehouse in Alexandria. It’s one of those you’ve-gotta-know-where-to-look places but they do pretty good trade from the surrounding apartments. When we arrived on a Saturday morning they were relatively full, but it soon cleared out. We ordered our usuals, swapped coffees and sipped. Impressive flavour, more so than I remembered. In fact, we liked it so much that Senhor R got them to grind us a 250g bag of whatever we were drinking to take away. I know, I know. I should’ve been taking notes. But frankly I was too caffeinated to care what I was drinking. I was too busy enjoying it.

I recommend checking out crave espresso if you get a chance. The owners are friendly, the coffee is solid and you can take some home if you’re that way inclined. And don’t do what I do when someone tells me to do something. Don’t do the opposite.

   Crave Espresso Bar Unit 72, 20-28 Maddox St Alexandria 2015 (02) 9516 1217

Crave Coffee Espresso Bar
Unit 72, 20-28 Maddox Street 

(02) 9516 1161

Broadsheet Review Sept 2012

Established in 2001,Crave Coffee is a specialist roaster and wholesale coffee beans, coffee accessories and coffee equipmentsupplier to a number of cafes, restaurants and corporate offices in Inner Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne. Crave Coffee is renowned for its full bodied, richly flavoured blends. With its distinct yellow branding set amongst the sea of Alexandria’s grey industrial warehouses, Crave’s espresso bar – perched in the loft of their own warehouse building – is a much welcomed addition by locals and nearby workers. Sitting amongst the communal tables in the espresso bar above, coffee lovers will enjoy the distinct aroma of roastingcoffee beans from the Diedrich machine in the warehouse below. Roasting fresh, local Australian Arabica beans along with other South American varieties, the Diedrich machine is responsible for Crave’s creamy signature espresso blend, amongst others.

For non-coffee drinkers, the Crave team has expanded their product offering to include a chai latte blend and an extensive range of aromatic black and herbal teas, such as china jasmine, rose grey, lemongrass and fruit melange, to name a few. Food is limited – a reflection of the confined space – offering a blackboard list of fresh sandwiches served on Brasserie bread, Patchett’s pies from Mascot as well as a range of sweet treats including wagon wheels, chocolate brownies and muesli cookies.

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